Jimmy Kimmel Live

JKL. Live, Audience, Taping. Advertisements

The Lions of Trafalgar

Climb The Lions. Harder, Than It, Looked.

Clinton Reservoir

Afternoon Climb. Scenic, River, Reservoir.

White Water Rafting

Himalayan Foothill Ganges River Raft. White, Water, Paddle.

Ganga Aarti Ceremony

Sunset Aarti Ceremony on The Ganges River. Ganga, Shiva, Swami.

Stingray Touch Tank

NE Aquarium. Stingray, Touch, Tank.

Regent Park

Regent Park Afternoon. Central, London, Green.

Henna Tattoo

Indian Street Side Body Art. Henna & Hands.

New England Aquarium

NEAQ. Aquatic, Animals, Activities.

The Met Back Bay

Sunday off Newbury. Boston, Breakfast, Brunch.